We design and make new stained glass works for religious, public or private spaces, always devoted to our craft tradition but with a renovated esthetic and from different visual languages. With a particular view of our own, that we have been developing thanks to the incorporation of new techniques, materials and the personalized study in each new project. And also with the aim to contribute with new ways to conceive contemporary stained glass.

Santa Rosalía Chapel. Torredembarra
Personal Project. Scraps
Private house. Barcelona
Private house. San Pedor
Private house. San Pedor
Soledat Parrish. Igualada
Familiar pantheon. Chile
Particular project
Particular project
Private house. Salamanca
Mare de Deu del Pilar Parrish, Barcelona
Ecology’s Sanctuary. Gallifa
Private house
Private house. Alt Penedès
Sant Joan Church. Valls