Conservation: Combination of multidisciplinary operations that have the aim to avoid both cultural and concrete deterioration and assures its preservation to transmit them to future generations, with all the enrichment of its authenticity. Conservation consists in preventive and restorative actions.

Restoration: Combination of operations that act on the asset. This activities are applied when the patrimony has lost a part of its significance or original characteristics and we intervene in a scientific and rigorous way to transmit it to the future generations with all the richness of its authenticity.

Restoration is the ultimate activity of conservation.

Boqueria Market. Barcelona
Santa Verónica. Igualada
Escribá Patisserie. Barcelona
C.C. Casa Orlandai. Barcelona
Enxaneta School. Valls
Santa MarÌa Church. Cervera
Central Market. Valencia
Sant Maure Parrish
Sant Pere Church. Torredembarra
Berenguer House. Barcelona
Santa MarÌa Church. Cervera
Government Delegation in Catalonia. Barcelona
Saint Iscle and Saint Victoria.Parrish Dosrius
Santa MarÌa. Igualada