In Mondo Vitral we devote ourselves to the creation, conservation and restoration of stained glass works.

Our compromise, the passion for our craft and the knowledge of different techniques, allow us to adapt ourselves to diverse typologies, from distinctive expressive languages and particular functional needs.

Endorsed by 20 years of experience and the acknowledgment by the “2017 National Craft Award”, as well as with the “Restaura 2017 Award” for the restoration work done in the Boquería Market in Barcelona.


What can we offer in Mondo Vitral?

Creation of stained glass works

Restoration of stained glass

Other services

Who are we?

Mondo Vitral is formed by Ricardo Llopico and Pepe Cubillo.

Our team represents the tradition from a contemporary and a personal view.

The technical knowledge of traditional procedures and the stained glass craft are joined with new technological media, and with visual languages, with the purpose of contributing with new ways to conceive the contemporary stained glass. 

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