In Mondo Vitral we are motivated by keep on incorporating new services and also face new professional challenges. Our services are based in the exigence, the respect for the craft and endorsed by years of experience.


We work on glass as an artistic base and we design projects with different visual languages and diverse functional needs.

  • Enclosured
  • Domes
  • Space division
  • Artificial light

Providing a personal and appropriate view and to the architectural space.

The knowledge of various techniques allow us to adapt ourselves to projects with different creative typologies.

  • Concrete stained glass   
  • Glass painting   
  • Stained glass   
  • Sculptural pieces


In order to preserve a cultural good, we face conservation and restoration projects with different issues, both mechanical and esthetic.

From a rigorous methodology, we offer preview reports of the stained glass condition and detailed studies of materials, their different pathologies and possible interventions, as well as its inventory and history.

We coordinate and lead different teams of professionals in the restoration world. As a result of that work we have received the “National Restoration Award 2017” for the work made in the Boqueria Market, in Barcelona.


We offer courses for individuals and companies coming from architecture, interiorism, design or visual arts, with or without a previous experience.

We design tailor-made courses and workshops; for all of those that are interested in the artistic language of stained glass and its different techniques.

  • Introdution to stained glass
  • Stained glass
  • Pictorical processes on glass
  • Concrete stained glass


We offer technical and artistic counseling, appropriate to the context and without any compromise.

  • Security glasses
  • Budgets and design proposals
  • Glass typologies / selection of materials
  • Conservation / Maintenance
  • Subsidies for cultural property restoration