Parrish of la Soledad. Religious work.

«Santa Verónica». Beginning of .XX century. Hypotetical set of stained glasses from the Glass Master Antoni Rigalt.

Unfortunately Antoni Rigalt didn’t use to sign his works. During Civil War it was very … to get into the stained glass ateliers and burn all the sketches that had a religious origin. That’s why lots of those stained glasses are still not being catalogued.

In Parrish of la Soledad, we don’t know the author, the only information that could affirm that this work belongs to the Rigalt i Granell atelier is the time of its completion, the pictorical technique and its great similitude with another confirmed work of Rigalt in the Cartuja de Montalegre. Nevertheless, it won’t be until the fullfilment of much more deep study, when we will be able to uphold its autorship.

Intervention: Cleaning, replacement of broken glasses painted with grisaille, welding of fractured leads and consolidation of a lead mash, changing the previous mastic.